About Course

This course is focused on business emails. It is designed for students at min B1 level. Perfect for B1-B2 students. 

In this course you will learn:

  • how to structure your emails logically
  • how to write with purpose and precision
  • how to be conscise in your emails 
  • how to use plain English 
  • how to choose the right tone for your email 
  • how to be pro-active rather than negative in your emails
  • how to use BCC, CC, FWD correctly 
  • how to follow email netiquette 

LENGTH OF THE COURSE: 30 min of video time + 30-40 min of exercises

Author: Alicja Sekret 



Course Content

Lesson 1: Structure, purpose and concision

  • Video 1
  • Exercise 2: Poor email – rewrite this email
  • Exercise 3: Concision exercise
  • Answer keys
  • Exercise 1: Email structure

Lesson 2: Plain English, style & tone

Lesson 3: Netiquette – CC, BCC, FWD & follow ups

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Material Includes

  • Text lessons and phrase list


  • CEFR English: B1-B2